Bobby Swennes has been fundraising and plunging for over 10 years for Special Olympics DC.


Bobby Swennes has been fundraising on Team Brookfield for over 10 years. In just the past three years, Bobby personally raised over $55,000 for Special Olympics DC athletes. We caught up with Bobby to hear some of his expert fundraising tips from over the years:

Q: Who do you reach out to when fundraising for the DC Plunge?

Bobby: I reach out to a mix of personal contacts and business contacts. For me, the Plunge and supporting Special Olympics is personal, so it helps me build connections with my business network on a human level instead of just a corporate level.

Q: How do you make the ask?

Bobby: I send an email every year to my network, and then I send a few follow-ups, like, “last chance to donate!” You can’t feel uncomfortable about following up. I also promise to share pictures and videos of my plunge. Everyone wants to share in the joy and embarrassment!

Q: What is your “why” for supporting Special Olympics DC?

Bobby: I always tell people that you have to experience Special Olympics in-person to get my “why.” The joy you can help provide to athletes by volunteering is the why. It’s indescribable.


What is your “why” for supporting Special Olympics DC athletes? Take these tips from our expert plunger Bobby and share your fundraising page today!

The Polar Plunge is less than 2 minutes of COLD to provide a lifetime of memories and opportunity for Special Olympics DC athletes. Thank you for being brrrave and supporting our mission of inclusion for all!

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