Special Olympics DC is celebrating Black History — this month and every month! We asked members of our community to reflect on the importance of Black History Month and what it means to them:

“Black History Month is a time for people to get to know about our history, try to understand and learn it. It means a lot to celebrate with friends and family.

I will say this to everybody: enjoy life, take it day by day, always keep your head up, work hard, grind, and it will pay off.”

Darien "D3" Williams

Special Olympics DC flag football and basketball athlete

“Black History month is about highlighting those who are dedicated to uplifting our community in various aspects.

In working at Special Olympics DC, I’m able to contribute to that by helping curate spaces to ensure all members of our community are included and uplifted.”

Kandis Fletcher

Howard University Student and Special Olympics DC Intern

“I really enjoy doing Special Olympics. It gives a lot of our kids who don’t get the chance to be the star of the show, the chance to be a star.

That’s why I work at Hendley — we’re an all-black school. I try to be for the students what I didn’t have. I try to be a good mentor.

Marquelle Jones

Teacher at Hendley Elementary School, Southeast DC

“Black History is every day to me — 365. It means there is something that we progressed. I went to Howard, the Mecca, because of people who went there before me: Thurgood Marshall, Eleanor Holmes-Norton.

I grew up in Northwest DC, and started substituting in 2005. 18 years teaching! I love to see kids light up when they learn, when they really get something.”

Chenita Amey

Teacher at Plummer Elementary School, Southeast DC