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Volunteers are the backbone of the Special Olympics movement.  We welcome volunteers from all walks of life, experience, and interests to use their skills to help athletes succeed!  Volunteers are on the sports field guiding the athletes through drills, behind the scenes ensuring events run properly, and giving and receiving more high fives and hugs than they can count.

We host year-round, daytime/evening, and weekday/weekend programming. Check back to this site for updated volunteer opportunities, and sign up for our volunteer mailing list to stay in the loop!


Plus, Summer Games approaches!

Summer Games is our largest sporting event of the year: a weeklong celebration of Special Olympics spirit with hundreds of volunteer positions available per day! Click below for the full week event breakdown:


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Learn more about how to become a volunteer in Washington, D.C.

One of the best ways to support Special Olympics District of Columbia, is to come to our events and cheer on our athletes! In addition, there are many ways to help by giving your time to our important work.

Our volunteers are all ages and their commitments can range from an afternoon to a lifetime. Contribute your expertise, or just come to help distribute t-shirts, check athletes in, or other tasks we’ll provide training for. Get involved in sporting or fundraising events, or help plan athlete activities related to our health and inclusion programs. We’re happy to match you to something that meets your interests and our needs.

Share a Moment

What impressed you at an event? What moved you? What does Special Olympics mean to you? Share a moment that changed the way you think about people with intellectual disabilities.

Take and Share Photos or Video

The staff of Special Olympics DC is focused on making every event the best it can be through planning and promotions. Running a track meet, for example, takes many more people than you might realize. With so much going on, sometimes our staff don’t have time to stop to take photos or video. If you have skill with a camera–or just love to take photos-let us know so we can make sure you get a great spot. 

Brag About Us on Social Media

Tweet, chat, post on Facebook, share photos, spread the news! Everyone who tells our story in a personal way helps shape the way other people see us and our mission.

Volunteer to Cheer

Find an event near you and go. Cheer for athletes who live near you or cheer for those who inspire you. It won’t be long before you know their names and you know how well they can run, jump, kick, throw or swim. 

Help With Office Work

The key goal of Special Olympics DC is making sure our athletes get the best coaching on a weekly basis so they can compete and prove to themselves and others that their personal best is always getting better. Behind the scenes there are forms to fill out, letters and emails to send, supplies to manage, phone calls to make and much more. If you are an organized, enthusiastic person, please help with some office work.

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