Unified Champion Schools

At its core, the Unified Champion Schools strategy is about unifying all students–with and without disabilities–using sports as a catalyst for social inclusion and attitude and behavioral change.

Special Olympics DC Unified Champion Schools

The Special Olympics DC Unified Champion Schools program is aimed at promoting social inclusion through intentionally planned and implemented activities affecting systems-wide change. Among the three pillars, Unified Champion School offers a unique combination of activities that provides students with tools and training to create an inclusive classroom and school climate. These are school climates where students with disabilities feel welcome and are routinely included in all activities, opportunities and functions.

Unified Sports

Special Olympics Unified SportsĀ® is a unique program that provides students with and without intellectual disabilities with opportunities to meaningfully participate in sports activities alongside one another in a variety of settings.

Whole School Engagement

Whole School Engagement: An important feature of creating a socially inclusive school climate is engaging the entire school community in the process. Whole School Engagement activities positively impact school climate by including all students, teachers, staff, and administrators.

Inclusive Youth Leadership

Inclusive Youth Leadership provides students with and without intellectual disabilities the knowledge, skills and dispositions to take on leadership roles in their school, creating an environment in which socially inclusive opportunities can thrive.